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Welcome to FJM Creative!

Hi! My name is Fernando JM and welcome to FJM Creative! FJM Creative is my multimedia creative studio and brand, which I created in order to provide high-end bespoke multimedia production—including music production, illustration, creative writing, and other creative things—and to help others fulfill their creative visions. I take a holistic approach to creativity and education: meaning, I consider all disciplines and subjects to be interconnected, and, for that reason, equally interesting and impactful. This approach helps me maintain a broad artistic vision in sight while diving deep into the technical aspects and tiniest details of a project, regardless of its size or scale. Piano keys, pens, paper, paintbrushes, programs—they're all just different tools that I use to express my creativity!


FJM Creative offers a variety of multi-media creative services. They include:

Have a look at some of my past projects, and feel free to reach out.


I love writing and producing music, and throughout the years, I have created music in countless different genres and for different clients and projects. You can listen to some of those songs in my playlist and click on the S logo to visit my personal musical project, The Syneverse.

Clients include Lingo Kids, Electric Monster Media Co., Eugenia Leon, Chris Ferrie, The Wiggles, Pokedstudio, The Sunny Bunnies, Mash Machine, and more.

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One of my specialties when it comes to music is children's music production. It's an incredibly fun and field with so many creative possibilities! I've produced and composed countless children's songs, for my own projects, academies, studios, Youtube channels, and independent clients and creatives! Watch some of the videos in the video gallery and click on the FJm. Logo to visit my personal children's music project, Fernandito Jm.


Another area of music that I am passionate about is cinematic scoring. I think one of my favorite things

about scoring music for a video is that each song tells a story through the music alone. No words, just sound.