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The Syneverse is an original project by Fernando JM that brings together music, art, poetry, animation, character creation, world-building, and storytelling to inspire wonder and curiosity. Fernando JM designs and illustrates original characters; writes and illustrates poems and stories; publishes illustrated poetry books; composes and performs original songs; produces music videos and animated musical poems; and creates other creative content.

Characters Creation and Storytelling

The Syneverse weaves together fact and fiction, historical figures and original characters, to create a modern mythology containing stories that explore themes of humanity, the universe, philosophy, and pure imagination. "Siddhartha" tells the story of our universal struggle to deal with change; "The Zero Universe" tell the story of the creation of a hypothetical universe made of numbers; "The Machine and The Flower" tells the story of a flower that befriends a war robot; "The Boy and the Particles" tells the origin story of "Mr. Pendlum", one of the central characters of the Syneverse.