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A Promising Game: 
Short Film Music Score

"A Promising Game" is a short film produced and directed by Colin Njemanze of Prometheus Rex Films, a Houston film company that produces short films, music videos, commercials, and other narrative media content. Fernando JM composed the film's entire score. The following are some of the songs in the score accompanied by the short film.

Chingo Bling's "Puro Pari": 
Intro Music for Music Video

Chingo Bling is a Mexican-American rapper, producer, and comedian, known for his parody rap songs and standup shows. Fernando JM was commissioned to compose and produce the introductory music that accompanies the introductory skit (at 0.02-1.02). The song begins with a retro thriller feel and transitions into what would best be described as a chiptune cumbia, to help transition itno the Chingo Bling's quebradita song, "Puro Pari".

Warning: This video contains explicit language.

WilliE's "Lonely On Christmas
Intro Music
 for Music Video

WilliE, formerly known as Tia Gold, is an artist and singer-songwriter from Houston, TX who is signed to Jay-Z's mega record label, Roc Nation. Fernando JM composed and produced the big-band/late-night show styled instrumental track that introduces the music video (at 0.04-0.25). 

Music and Sound Design for Animation

Pokedstudio is a legendary creative agency focused on illustration, brand design, and animation and known for its wacky, quirky, and colorful character design, world-building, and art style. Pokedstudio clients include MTV, Playstation, McDonald's, Disney, Mattel, and countless more. Fernando JM was commissioned to create the music and sound design for a series of animated shorts, and has also collaborated regularly with Pokedstudio.

Papalote Children's Museum
Music for IMAX Ad

In 2016, the Papalote Museo Del Niño (Papalote Children's Museum), located inside of the Fundidora Park in Monterrey, Mexico, premiered their giant Megapantalla IMAX theatre, sponsored by one of the largest banks in Mexico, Banorte. This ad promoted the premiere of the IMAX theatre, for which Fernando JM composed and produced the music.

"Folklorico Eyes"
Music and Sound Design for NFT

OllOOl's first animation “Folklorico Eyes” is the result of experimentation with vibrant colors and movement with the intention of attracting the viewer and captivating them in the blink of an eye. This work includes music and sounds created by Syneverse (Fernando JM) that evoke tribal and ancient tones on a bed of futuristic, tech-electro undertones.

Celebrating Motherhood
Music for Film Ad

This short ad, produced by Prometheus Rex Films, was an entry for the Moët & Chandon Film Festival. Fernando JM composed and produced the music for this video.

Other Favorites

Here is a selection of a few other favorite pieces from cinematic/video and film scoring projects.


"Fernando is one of the most versatile and creative musicians I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with on past projects. When I was developing my film A Promising Game, it was imperative to me that I find a composer that could really produce an emotive, moving composition for the story. Oftentimes, I have found composers that are more digital, “trial and error” artists - sometimes with a very sparse understanding of the foundation of music. That is the very opposite of who Fernando is. He’s a naturalist, he understands the core of music, and he’s an extraordinary collaborator. I would say that our film leans on the movement of his notes."

Colin C. K. Njemanze


Prometheus Rex Films

"Absolutely phenomenal and talented composer! Worked closely with Fernando on my recent film project. We clicked immediately on our favorite musical composers and the overall approach to the project. You can clearly see a strategic and creative approach to his scoring and the amount of passion involved. Highly recommended! Very intuitive and experimental in his approach to creating scores!"

Sonni Lam


Sonni Lam Films

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