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Eigen Control
Infographic for Air Monitoring System  

Eigen Control is a company that leverages fluid dynamics and AI to create industrial grade devices and systems that monitor air quality. Fernando JM was commissioned to design an infographic in order to present and explain the Eigen AIR X1 monitoring system in a more accessible and digestible way. Fernando JM designed two iterations of the infographic and also carried out the product photography.

Eigen Air Poster.png
Eigen Air Blueprint.png

Mad Chess

MAD Chess is a variant of chess created by game designer and entrepreneur, Cal Miller of No Hope Studios. The pieces were designed by Fernando JM in a minimalistic and elegant style, and in a way that lends some of the pieces to be used to create other badges or designs, such as the pawn used as both a border pattern and a logo that resembles a flower or cross. The cover art represents the front of the physical game board and is designed to resemble the cover of a book.

Mad Chess Cover 1.png

 Decentra Guides
Logo Design and Branding for NFT Blog

At the height of the NFT and metaverse popularity of 2021, Fernando JM wrote a series of articles called The DCL Travel Guide for one of the most popular NFT and Web3 blogs, NFT Plazas. Fernando JM created a brand and logo for the series and accompanying videos. In the design of the logo, the friendly bot, Ciceron, (mascot and guide for new explorers of the Decentraland metaverse), is composed of a sideways "D" and "G". The color palette and two yellow buttons are a nod to the Decentraland brand.

Decentra Guides Text Logo 2.png
Decentra Guides Banner.jpg

Mr. Pete's Playhouse
Music Album Cover Design

Mr. Pete's Playhouse is an educational children's music and entertainment show for children, created by Julio Petersen III. Fernando JM designed the artwork for several song and album covers for Mr. Pete's Playhouse. In addition, Fernando JM has worked for Mr. Pete's Playhouse as an animator, book illustrator, video producer and editor, and creative consultant. He has also featured on a number of songs and videos for Mr. Pete's Playhouse.

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