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Lingokids: Growin' Up Theme Song

Growin' Up is an award winning podcast for children created by Lingokids and hosted by Emmy-nominated presenter Emily Calandrelli. Each episode features a special celebrity guest that teaches listeners about their particular job and area of expertise. Fernando J. Moguel composed and produced the theme song for the podcast and recorded all lead and backing vocals. Fernando also lent his voiceover talent for the opening episode of the podcast and was featured as one of the celebrity guests in the episode titled "How To Be A Musician". The podcast won The Webby Awards Honoree title in 2022. Lingokids is an educational company that creates educational videos, songs, podcasts, and apps. Their Voted #1 learning app is used by over 50 million children around the world.

The Mash Machine: Funky Farm

Mash Machine is a musical device that allows users to DJ and make music in a completely new and original way. Often nicknamed "the Lego of music", the machine consists of a special interactive table and 4 different categories of blocks th houses a unique musical loop thatis activated when placed on the table. As you move the blocks towards different sides of the table, you can add effects to alter different qualities of the loop (EQ, reverb, and delay), and by activating different combinations of blocks and moving them around, you create original mixes! Fernando JM produced a set of loops for Mash Machine's children's music library, called "Funky Farm", and also did the voice acting for all vocal loops. Little Syne was the name and pseudonym for Fernando's children's music project, later rebranded to Fernandito JM.

Dr. Chris STEAM Lab: Theme Music

Chris Ferrie is a quantum physicist, popular science communicator, and best-selling author of the children's book series, Baby University. His children's educational video series, Dr. Chris's STEAM Lab, is also widely popular in China. 

Fernando JM created a series of theme songs for Dr. Chris's STEAM Lab, including "It's Time for Fun Science" and "When Isaac Newton Meets With Dr. Chris", producing and composing the songs, and also performed the lead and backing vocals. Fernando also created background music and transition jingles for the episodes.

Music for Kids Learning Videos Channel

The Kids Learning Videos Youtube channel is a popular educational children's music channel that boasts over half a million subscribers and has over a billion total views. Fernando has been pivotal in the creation of children's songs that have helped the channel grow. Multiple videos featuring Fernando's songs have garnered over a million views each. Aside from composing and producing the songs, Fernando also performs the lead and backing vocals.

Wannabees: Primary School Incursions

The Wannabees began as giant play centers, better described as fully functional cities for kids, complete with their own Police and Fire Stations, Hospital, Tv Studio, Restaurant, Bank, Post Office, Supermarket, Vet Clinic, Fashion Shop, Radio Station, Gym, School, Beauty Salon, and other shops, where kids could pretend to play out their favorite professions and grown-up scenarios. Pre-Covid, the centers hosted over 400k visitors and 7K parties, and the company continues to provide quality educational experiences with their school incursions and educational corporate activations. Fernando created a series of songs for the company, which were regularly featured at the centers and promotional videos.

Have You Seen My Friends:
Children's Book Theme Song 

"Have You Seen My Friends" is a beautifully illustrated book, written by Monica H. Kang, award-winning author and founder of Innovators Box. It tells the adventure of creativity, curiosity, and courage. Fernando composed and produced the opening song to accompany the book and animated video, and also performed the lead and backing vocals.

Origami Tree:
Curse of the Little Old Yodeling Lady

"The Curse of the Little Old Yodeling Lady" is a song composed and produced by Fernando JM for Jenny W. Chan, creator of Origami Tree, a website and Youtube channel (with about 200k subscribers) dedicated to origami and paper crafts. The song is a fun and original take on the classic tale: The Princess and the Frog.

Nursery Rhymes: Sing, Song, Sign

Fernando JM was commissioned to produce a series of classic nursery rhyme for "Sing, Song, Sign", a program that focused around early language development for babies using signs and gestures. In each track, Fernando incorporates his fun and engaging production style to bring fresh and original twists to classic nursery rhymes. (Scroll for more songs!)

Fernandito Jm.
Children's Music to Inspire Curiosity and Creativity

Fernandito Jm. is Fernando's original children's music project. All song are composed, produced, and performed by Fernando JM (Fernandito Jm.). Fernando also does the design and branding for Fernandito Jm. and created the logo and jingle for the logo animation. 

There Was A Camel (Animal Friends)-Environmental Children's Song by Fernandito Jm.