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Pedro Tomás Zepeda
Song for Artist's Debut Album

"El Valor De La Vida" is a song written by Fernando JM, coproduced with international artist and Mexican cultural icon: Eugenia Leon, and Latin-Grammy nominated producer-composer: Rosino Serrano, for the debut album of Mexican singer and artist Pedro Tomás Zepeda.

Miss Gray
Production and Consulting for Musical Fashion Duo

Miss Gray is an Australian musical fashion duo that blends high-end fashion design with musical experiences. Fernando JM has worked as the music producer and creative consultant for Miss Gray since 2013. 

"Anhelo" and "Estas A Prueba" 
Musicalizing Poems for Nuclear Medicine Doctor

For this project, Dr. Marcos Calderon, a nuclear medicine specialist in Houston, TX, commissioned Fernando JM to musicalize two of his original poems. Fernando JM composed the music, produced and recorded the musical arrangement, and performed the vocals.

Theme Song for Local Folkloric Dance Group

The Ambassadors International Ballet Folklorico (AIBF) is a non-profit folkloric dance organization founded in Houston in 1979. The organization teaches folkloric dance, promotes cultural awareness, and performs at prestigious events and venues, such as the Miller Outdoor Theater, International Fest, and Children’s Fest. Fernando JM produced and composed the theme song "Embajadores" for the organization. The lyrics were written by poet Raquel Hernandez and vocals performed by Fernando Moguel (Sr.).

Other Favorites

Here is a selection of a few other favorite songs produced for independent artists and creatives.

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