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Pistachio Entertainment:
Voice Acting for Children's Album"

Pistachio Entertainment Group was founded by Mario and Emily Martinez, two former performers of Australia’s most successful children’s entertainment company, “The Wiggles”. The company designs and organizes live events, including children's parties and shows. Fernando JM produced a music album for them, composing and producing all of the songs and performing the vocals for several songs, often singing as different characters (such as pirates, Santa, a lion, a cranky wizard, and quirky backing vocalists). All vocals in the following songs were performed by Fernando JM.

Lingo Kids
Voice Acting for Children's Podcast

"Stories for Kids" is a children's educational podcast by Lingokids. Aside from writing many of the episodes, Fernando lent his voiceover talent for a few episodes. In less than two years, the podcast won silver in the Signal Awards, reached #9 on the Chartable list of Global Trending podcasts, and was a Top 5 podcast for 55,367 fans on Spotify in 2022. Lingokids is an educational company that creates educational videos, songs, podcasts, and apps. Their Voted #1 learning app is used by over 50 million children around the world.

You Need Character:
Voice Acting for "Who Ate The Corn"

"You Need Character" is a creative agency based in Seoul with an array of educational apps, characters, animations, and other creative IP, including their hit animated series Cricket Pang, which is watched on TV worldwide. Fernando JM was commissioned to produce a segment and song for one of their animated stories and videos. Fernando JM did the voice acting (performing the role of a farmer), and also composed and produced the background music as well as the song "Who Ate The Corn". 

Sunny Bunnies
Vocals for Animated Songs

The Sunny Bunnies are a hit animated children's television series watched worldwide and available on Netflix. Fernando recorded lead vocals for several songs that appeared on the Sunny Bunnies Youtube channel, which boasts 3.16 million subscribers. The video that featured the songs has garnered over 3.6 million views. 

The Syneverse
Narration for Animated Musical Poems

The Syneverse is a creative project that involves music, illustrated poetry, videos, stories, and characters created by Fernando JM. One of the major works is an illustrated poetry book series called Mr. Pendlum's Compendium. To complement the physical book, each poem is narrated and musicalized by Fernando JM and presented as a musical animated poem. Check out "Personal Projects" to learn more about the Syneverse.

Narration for Educational Shorts

Fernando JM also produced and narrated a series of short educational videos for the Syneverse, called "Syneverse Shorts", that talk about important days and concepts.