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Dulce Colorin:
Cotton Candy Franchise

Dulce Colorin is a franchise based in Spain that sells and operates cotton candy vending machines. They commissioned Fernando JM to create a jingle that reflected the brand aesthetic. Fernando produced and composed the jingle and also sang and recorded the vocals in Spanish.

Little Hands:
Kids Food Blog and Channel

Little Hands is a kids food blog by Eleni Katsouli (boasting over 60k subscribers on Instagram). She create recipes for her blog and cooking videos for her Youtube channel. Fernando JM was commissioned to create a brand jingle (at 0.36).

Beer With Alton:
Youtube Channel Segment

"Beer with Alton" is a segment created by Alton for his Youtube channel "What's Brew?" In the segment, Alton invites special guests to talk about beer (as you might have guessed) while they do some beer-tasting. Fernando JM created the intro jingle and also sang and recorded the lead and backing vocals.

Other Favorites

Here is a selection of a few other favorite jingles produced for clients.

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