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Lingokids: Stories for Kids

As a lead script writer for the podcast Stories for Kids, by Lingokids, Fernando JM got to combine his love of storytelling with his passion for education and science communication. Aside from writing many of the episodes, Fernando also lent his voiceover talent for a few episodes (The Bag of Old Treasure; Elliot Starts Volunteering). In less than two years, the podcast won silver in the Signal Awards, reached #9 on the Chartable list of Global Trending podcasts, and was a Top 5 podcast for 55,367 fans on Spotify in 2022. Lingokids is an educational company that creates educational videos, songs, podcasts, and apps. Their Voted #1 learning app is used by over 50 million children around the world.

Syneverse Shorts

MAD Chess is a variation of chess created by game designer and entrepreneur, Cal Miller. The pieces were designed by Fernando JM in a minimalistic and elegant style, and in a way that lends some of the pieces to be used to create other badges or designs, such as the pawn used as both a border pattern and a logo that resembles a flower or cross. The cover art represents the front of the physical game board and is designed to resemble the cover of a book.

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