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The Adventures of Khari

The Adventures of Khari is an illustrated children's book series by Julio Peterson children's entertainer and multi-media creator, Julio Peterson of Mr. Pete's Playhouse. This colorful and educational book series is inspired by the experiences of life in the Virgin Islands, with the aim of sharing these experiences with children and families. The books are written by Julio Petersen III and illustrated by Fernando J. Moguel.

 SUNN Artwork and NFT Collection:The Bionaut

SUNN (Sustainability United for Nurturing Nature) is an organization dedicated to improving traditional supply chains of food, waste, and energy through education and innovative use of technology. They commissioned Fernando J. Moguel to illustrate a series of NFTs to build awareness of their cause. For the project, Fernando J. Moguel created the concept of the Bionaut: protector of life.

Mad Chess

MAD Chess is a variation of chess created by game designer and entrepreneur, Cal Miller. The pieces were designed by Fernando JM in a minimalistic and elegant style, and in a way that lends some of the pieces to be used to create other badges or designs, such as the pawn used as both a border pattern and a logo that resembles a flower or cross. The cover art represents the front of the physical game board and is designed to resemble the cover of a book.

Mad Chess Cover 1.png
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