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Fernando is a multi-disciplinary artist, producer, educator, and science communicator with a holistic approach to creativity and a passion to inspire curiosity.

Early Years

From an early age, Fernando developed a passion for creating. Wherever he went, he would carry a sketchbook and a pencil His parents enabled him and his brother to be curious and try many things. 

Barney and The Wiggles

The Adventures of Khari is an illustrated children's book series by Julio Peterson children's entertainer and multi-media creator, Julio Peterson of Mr. Pete's Playhouse. This colorful and educational book series is inspired by the experiences of life in the Virgin Islands, with the aim of sharing these experiences with children and families. The books are written by Julio Petersen III and illustrated by Fernando J. Moguel.

University and Production

Pivoted to production

Went to University

Started doing client work. 

The Education Field

Back in Houston

Went into the formal education industry in an IB World School, managing a TV Studio.

Product manager ed-tech company.

Office of Education

Recent Years

Product design, entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystem. Rediscovering Houston

Building creative projects while continuing my work in education, inspiring curiosity. 

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