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Children's Music

Children’s music is incredibly fun to write; the creative possibilities are endless!

For many years, I traveled and performed with The Wiggles, and I even had the opportunity to be the Yellow Wiggle for the Latin-American Wiggles.  During those years, I learned so much about children’s music, performance, and entertainment, and now I get to use that knowledge and experience in my children’s creations.  The key is to just make great music that anyone would love to hear; don't water it down!

Sports academies, children’s entertainment companies and play centers, independent creators; YouTube channels, animated videos, and more––you name it––my music is for anyone and any kind of project.  Enjoy some of my children’s tunes below.  

FJM Kids Originals

FJM Kids Covers

Enjoy some more children's music below!  


Below are a couple of collaborations with renown illustrator and graphic artist, PokedStudio (Jonathan Ball).  All music and sound design was done by Fernando JM.

Go to to check out more work by PokedStudio.


Sausage Vs. Fork


“Apart from being a highly skilled and innovative creative mind, Fernando possesses excellent communication skills, exhibits a professional demeanor, places much importance on the quality and detail of his work, and demonstrates a willingness to improve and a desire to please.

In 2010, after years of traveling and performing internationally together with The Wiggles, I founded my own children’s entertainment company, Pistachio Entertainment Group.  Since then, Pistachio Entertainment Group has relied on Fernando and his abilities as a musician, composer, and producer to create and provide original works for our live stage shows.”

Mario Diaz                    Pistachio Entertainment Group             Sydney, Australia

“Wow, Wow, and WOW!  This has to be the best gig I have ever purchased by miles!  The song is so catchy and fun that my 3 year old learned the chorus within 30 minutes and wants to hear the song over and over again while playing soccer in the house!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Johnaru                                  Kick It Academy                             Miami, USA

“Amazing experience!  I love all of your work!  I can’t wait to work with you again!”

Hanan Khalil                                 Soundville                           Melbourne, Australia

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